Dose of entertainment for every Travel Buff 

Being shut behind the doors is what we all have been doing since the lockdown begun. Given this ample of time, I saw people doing extremely artistic and things that they couldn’t find time for previously. But, the one thing for which there’s no substitute at all is travellingFor people like us, the thought of travelling, gives us chills and at this point, snatching that away feels like taking away our freedom.

The only good alternative I could think of was watching movies and shows, all based on travelling. It might feel a little miserable and nostalgic seeing the extraordinary beaches, hills and snow, massive architectures and the hippy life but it will definitely help you get away with the harsh reality for some good number of hours. Below are some of my personal favourites from NETFLIX, hopefully you gonna find it interesting.

The Calling:

The Calling is a show based on the traveling which begins with the introduction of the 3 power-packed contestants namely Gaurav, Preethi and Atmaj who are supposed to travel and win over certain number of tasks given to them in every episode which will lead one of them to earn a scholarship travel across India from TLC.
While you start to binge watch this show, you will start to feel yourself connected to them from the very first episode and there’s a sudden urge of exploration that goes in your mind as they proceed to their journey, counting every miles and rejoicing every moment of surprise. It’s an exhilarating show with mindblowing experiences from authentic cuisines to amazing sightseeing. Not just that, the contestants even open up about their dark side and the things they struggled with and how travelling helped them overcoming with all of it. Among the many good elements that this show has, the one thing that intrigued me was how three strangers turned great friends, helped each other in giving the best everlasting experience out of every destination. 

Happiness Expedition:

It’s an amazing documentary of 1hr and 36mins in which a couple along with a dog  attempts to travel all the way to North America in a revamped school bus. Not just the journey, but it’s wonderful to see how the the transformation takes place in the bus to make it fit for travelling, sleeping and get a home like feel.The best thing about this whole documentary is that it’s raw and genuine. The couple puts forward the perks and drawbacks of undertaking such a strenuous trip and how they overcame all of it along the way. One doesn’t get bored or starts to feel a tinge of exaggeration at any moment. The bonding between the couple touched me so deep that I ended up searching insta pages on their name and found out that they are no more a couple now. You will feel a slight shrink in your heart too but for that you first need to give it a watch

Into The Wild:

Into the wild is an another not-to-miss starring Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt directed by Sean Penn.

Into the wild is a sheer masterpiece that gives you a life-learning experience. If you are someone who keeps relationships and simplest pleasures of life as the topmost priority, this movie is definitely for you. The picturesque views shot in the movie are indeed jaw-dropping. Self-exploration begins when you interact with new people, hangout with them and engulf into their lifestyle and culture and that’s what has been stressed upon im this movie. It thrills you to the core and ignites within you the desire to pack your bags and go on an endless trip with an intention of doing things you’ve never done.

Eat Pray Love:

When one feels aimless and things turn upside-down, one tends to opt for travelling, the only door to escape to find the inner self and get hold of the reins of life, and if you are that person then you’ll end up relating yourself with this movie. Eat Pray Love is an adaptation of its novel starring Julia Roberts, James Franco and Javier Bardam, directed by Ryan Murphy.
Travelling is indeed a life-changing experience in itself. Lizzie, the protagonist, whose life is falling apart, decides to take a tour to three different countries- Italy, India and Bali to restore her love for good food, spirituality and true love and her life that is falling apart. Also, the movie emphasises on building new relationships with people. Lizzie makes friends with people in all the three countries that she visits and creates a life-long bonding with them.

Gone too soon

Irrfan Khan was one of the finest actors of bollywood who with his charming personality enamoured millions and gained love through his acting. Some of his most appreciated and commendable movies are The Lunchbox, Piku, Hindi Medium, Qarib Qarib Single, Karwaan, Blackmail, Paan Singh Tomar. Not just that, but his appealing acting even gave him roles in hollywood movies like The Life Of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, The Amazing Spiderman, The Jurassic World. He was at the peak of his career when he got diagnosed with cancer in 2018. He, as we thought, got recovered and did a come back with the film Angrezi Medium. And with this, the fans hoped to see him more onscreen but 2020 seems to be a year of bad news. To everyone’s utter shock, Irrfan Khan passed away this morning, at 53, battling colon infection.

When in bad mood, I bing watched his movies and everything else just used to fall into place. I made some of my friends and even my parents fall in love with your acting by endlessly making them watch some of your finest movies.But now that you are gone, I won’t have anymore movies of yours to look upto and that’s indeed tough for a fan to sink in.

Stay indoors, stay productive (Completion of task 1)

Amidst the chaos that’s driving us all nuts, I found myself investing time on sketching and the result is quite satisfying. What all you guys doing to keep yourself productive throughout this phase?

Sketching is not a piece of art that reflects your thought on a piece of paper but it also is a kind of brainwork. It indeed feels like freeing yourself from all sorts of anxiety and negativity. And trust me, you don’t have be an expert to be an artist. Art can be in any form and shape, the only essential element is to bring out your own version of art reflecting your musings.

World Health Day- 7th April

World Health Day is specifically celebrated to emphasise on the importance of keeping oneself healthy. A healthy mind and a healthy heart together can do wonders for a human body and for that people need to keep an update on themselves first than to updating just their apps.

The World Health Day 2020 has taken this as an opportunity to bring light to the efforts of the nurses and the midwives by keeping the theme SUPPORT NURSES AND MIDWIVES. They are honouring the contribution of these nurses and midwives who have literally put their lives on risks and is spending sleepless nights in to fight against COVID-19.

It’s high time that we, as individuals, step forward in contributing our bit in eradicating COVID-19 by cooperating with the nurses. There is also a need to make people realise that the nurses and midwives are also humans who needs to be recognised and appreciated for their efforts, so even a slight gesture of thanking them and taking care of their needs can bring a smile and a sense of belonging to them.

Let’s unite and stand as one against this threat and take all possible precautions to avoid the spread of the disease. It is through saving our own lives that we can assist in bringing the numbers of infected ones down.

COVID-19 : A warning to humanity?

The outbreak of Corona that has been declared pandemic seems to be a life taking threat. It’s first case was witnessed in Wuhan,China and took a toll on everyone’s life by just multiplying and spreading in countries like Italy, Iran,France, U.S, South Korea, India and so on.

The current situation in India is a bit critical and if not controlled, we’ll soon be seeing before us the scenerio which countries like China and Italy are facing. As of now (as per 23rd March), the total number of Corona virus cases in India has reached 463 which is why schools have been closed down and people are told to work from home.

Also, because of the lockdowns, the rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, ragpickers, taxi drivers, delivery boys and other poor people are finding it burdensome to earn their bread and satisfying their day-to-day needs. It is high time for us to do our bit to help them make their ends meet. On the other hand, there are doctors, journalists, bankers working their ass off despite of the current situation.

This itself conveys the seriousness of the current situation but on the brighter side, the climate did show an overwhelming transformation. For a change, there’s clearer sky with no speck of dirt, no hustle bustle and honking of vehicles, animals feeling free and safe. Our being indoors brought such a positive impact around us which itself proves how ruthlessly we have been making use of the technology and resources provided to us. Corona, in true sense, is teaching us all some serious life lessons and directing us the right way of treating the Mother Earth. It feels like we are going back to the days when we people did more than just binge watching tv series. People have started investing their time and efforts in reading novels, developing culinary skills, playing board games. 

 It is the need of the hour to keep ourselves aloof. We mortals, who are believed to be the most superior beings on earth are going to great lengths to escape the fear of being dead. It seems like we are being punished for the sins we have committed and that sooner or later, every individual eventually faces their own karma . To the Earth, we have been selfish enough to hear its needs and now the tables have been turned, it is us who are locked up indoors for the sake of being alive. 

To overcome this challenge, our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi came up with the initiative of Janta Curfew on 22nd March in which every individual were expected not to step out of their homes from 7am to 9pm Apart from this, PM Modi even asked people come to their balconies and clap or ring bells at 5pm to show their respect towards those who are putting their life on risk to save others. To my surprise, people did come out and clapped together proclaiming the world that we are together in this and we will fight against all odds to restore our ailing Mother Earth. It felt more like a celebration where everyone stood together for a common cause and trust me, the sight was worth watching. Here are some video clips below that will surely give you goosebumps.

Janta curfew mainly aimed at getting us into the habit of staying indoors to avoid the forthcoming battle that’s awaiting for us if we continue to be linient.
Apart from using mask and hand sanitizer/ soap, it is essential to take in immune boosting foods like orange, kiwi, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, lemon, almonds and intake of 3 litres of water per day. Not just this, I along with family members also have inculcated this habit of having a tablet of Celin 500 everyday which is beneficial in increasing the immunity level and also for enhacing the efficiency your overall body.

Being hit by such a circumstance has surely acted as an eye opener and people like us who always locked their eyes into their cellphones are realising what all things they were actually missing out. Amidst the chaos, there’s fear and consciousness before stepping out of homes. Though the foolish acts of some have caught our attention, I do hope that people start to act like responsible citizens for a better tomorrow.

What’s great about 21st century?

There’s many hardships and serious calamities that people across the globe are facing and trying to overcome with but in this article, I specifically want to pinpoint on the positive aspects of being able to witness the change that’s taking place in our society and the contributions taken for bringing a change in the mindset of the people.

Depression, which was once not considered a serious health issue and was hushed about, is thankfully talked about so that people dealing with mental health can come forward and feel free to talk about it. Earlier, issues related to mental illness was mostly normalised. Unlike the previous generations, we finally have broken the stigma attached to depression and have come up with concepts like social groups and apps, councellors that finally hears out people’s dilemma. To those who have the slightest idea of what it actually is, should know that when a person is suffering from mental health, all he desires is to be heard without being questioned and judged. You never know how many of your relatives or friends around you might be suffering from the same and what all they are battling with, so the minimum you can do is to talk to them, make yourself available to them so that they can rely on you and reach out to you as and when wanted, be interested in hearing them out, give suggestions, try to open up with them and most importantly, make them feel special.

Sexual harassment and physical torture is yet another practice that is still prevailing in many parts of the country. The women who once didn’t speak of the traumatic experiences they went through, finally reached out to social media. The #metoo movement proved to be an ice-breaker which unmasked the hidden monstrous intentions. The social media platforms have now been looked up for creating awareness and breaking stereotypical ideologies. Besides the battle of injustice and harassment of women, there’s a need for every individual to understand that any kind of physical or mental abuse shouldn’t be tolerated, no man or woman deserves to be harassed, slapped or ill-treated.

“PERIODS” which was once the most whispered word, has now reached the ears of many. It is the endless efforts of the youth which has realised the masses that women needs to be heard especially when she’s on her periods. Also, it is nothing but a biological process that every woman goes through once in every month and that mood swings are a real thing. Even men have started to take keen interest in understanding what all goes through in the body of a female when menstruating. Not just that, men these days even find comfort in buying sanitary pads and washing off stained clothes.
A woman of this age has started to believe that even periods cannot constraint her from doing things like visiting temple, entering kitchen, travelling and even continue with her professional life. Menstruating is not a sin or a deformity but is a need for a female body and there’s a lot a woman goes through.

We need to create such an environment around females so that she doesn’t have to think twice before buying sanitary pads from a male shopkeeper nor there’s a need for covering it with a newspaper while carrying it. Slowly but steadily things are changing. Apps have come up with period reminders, companies have come up brought with the idea of cramp relief roll on, pads that are more gentle for skin, tampons and menstruation cups for rash-free skin which itself symbolizes the soaring consciousness among every being.

Also, certain realisations have helped us to burst the bubble of myths and superstitions like sex before marraige is not bad but doing sex without condom is. Marraige cannot always assure happiness but live-in relationship with the right person can. Bra showing isn’t a henious crime but determining a person’s character,calling her a slut is and bodyshaming surely is.

You see, we have together come a long way which one must appreciate. But, we shouldn’t stop here. There are yet many stereotypical views and opinions that people still live by which needs to be teared down for a healthy tomorrow.

Every day is a women’s day, then why is there a need to celebrate it?

8th March, officially recognised as Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide.

But the question is,why there is a need to celebrate it on a specific day?

Why only on 8th March and why not everyday, as questioned by several people who feel that everyday is a women’s day and it’s kind of queer to highlight women power and shower love to women on just one single day. Though a part of me agreed with this remark but then the other part of me felt elated when my social handles were flooded with wishes and greetings for women’s day. It was then I realised that it’s not just for the sake of celebration, but it’s more about reminding and triggering the minds of every single men to realise what all a woman does for his well-being and how her presence changes his perception of looking at things As a friend, a mother, a companion, a teacher she moulds you, gives shape to your ideas to bring out the best in you.

Not just for men but even a woman needs a day to celebrate her win over insecurities, her drifting away from toxic relations, her everyday battles but above all, to remind herself how far she has come by making tough calls. It’s more about taking a day off and being pampered and loved from the ones you live for. Being showered with attention and gifts is every woman’s fetish and if a single day can give her all that, then what’s the harm?

Our busiest schedules has taken away our freedom to live every day to its fullest. Even birthdays are not an everyday event but some of us do look forward to celebrating it with friends and family every year and never get bored of it. It is these events and celebrations that sway us away from our monotonous, hectic life. Our lifestyle,through the years has changed and our work and career doesn’t permit to make time for our loved ones.

But ofcourse, one does not always need an occasion to go for outings and buy them sweet little things cause the action of giving and spreading love is the most positive thing that one can do for others. Not only it makes them the happiest but you being the sole reason behind someone’s smile is the most priceless gift you can ever think of giving yourself.

Keep spreading love and positivity cause that’s what the world needs the most right now.