Gone too soon

Irrfan Khan was one of the finest actors of bollywood who with his charming personality enamoured millions and gained love through his acting. Some of his most appreciated and commendable movies are The Lunchbox, Piku, Hindi Medium, Qarib Qarib Single, Karwaan, Blackmail, Paan Singh Tomar. Not just that, but his appealing acting even gave him roles in hollywood movies like The Life Of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, The Amazing Spiderman, The Jurassic World. He was at the peak of his career when he got diagnosed with cancer in 2018. He, as we thought, got recovered and did a come back with the film Angrezi Medium. And with this, the fans hoped to see him more onscreen but 2020 seems to be a year of bad news. To everyone’s utter shock, Irrfan Khan passed away this morning, at 53, battling colon infection.

When in bad mood, I bing watched his movies and everything else just used to fall into place. I made some of my friends and even my parents fall in love with your acting by endlessly making them watch some of your finest movies.But now that you are gone, I won’t have anymore movies of yours to look upto and that’s indeed tough for a fan to sink in.

16 thoughts on “Gone too soon

  1. I saw his lunch box in Hong Kong and absolutely amazing . I remember the day the meeting was postponed few hours and I was looking for a time pass and I saw the poster projection of this movie different . When I enter the theater hardly few people watching the movie for that session. But when I finish the movie i was full of appreciations in my thoughts. I saw the news online and feel sad not an age to leave… a talent disappeared silently. RIP the gentleman.πŸŒ‘βš˜

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    1. It feels so pleasing to hear about how people like you and me felt so much associated with him and his movies which is why his death feels so personal to all of us.


      1. I never watch movies usually in working days . It’s an unexpected chance to spend time due cancelled meeting. But I like his acting so touching and amazing I still remember this person after a long time as well just because of this movie. He is a big talent and sad to demise so young age. Condolences to all who care for this soul. πŸŒ‘

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      2. Such an unfortunate death in this odd time. The thought of never seeing him onscreen is indeed hard to get over with. All we have now are some of the greatest masterpieces that he has worked in and has left behind for us to keep as a remembrance.


  2. I have seen some of his films and I agree with you that he was a good actor.We may never know why some people leave this earth so early but I suppose a Higher Power has other plans for him in the afterlife. at least all his films will be souvenirs of his great life work as an actor.

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    1. Truly said. It is hard to gulp down the fact that he is no more. I wish and hope he gets peace in there. He will be remembered for his versatile acting career in our hearts forever.

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