World Health Day- 7th April

World Health Day is specifically celebrated to emphasise on the importance of keeping oneself healthy. A healthy mind and a healthy heart together can do wonders for a human body and for that people need to keep an update on themselves first than to updating just their apps.

The World Health Day 2020 has taken this as an opportunity to bring light to the efforts of the nurses and the midwives by keeping the theme SUPPORT NURSES AND MIDWIVES. They are honouring the contribution of these nurses and midwives who have literally put their lives on risks and is spending sleepless nights in to fight against COVID-19.

It’s high time that we, as individuals, step forward in contributing our bit in eradicating COVID-19 by cooperating with the nurses. There is also a need to make people realise that the nurses and midwives are also humans who needs to be recognised and appreciated for their efforts, so even a slight gesture of thanking them and taking care of their needs can bring a smile and a sense of belonging to them.

Let’s unite and stand as one against this threat and take all possible precautions to avoid the spread of the disease. It is through saving our own lives that we can assist in bringing the numbers of infected ones down.

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