What’s great about 21st century?

There’s many hardships and serious calamities that people across the globe are facing and trying to overcome with but in this article, I specifically want to pinpoint on the positive aspects of being able to witness the change that’s taking place in our society and the contributions taken for bringing a change in the mindset of the people.

Depression, which was once not considered a serious health issue and was hushed about, is thankfully talked about so that people dealing with mental health can come forward and feel free to talk about it. Earlier, issues related to mental illness was mostly normalised. Unlike the previous generations, we finally have broken the stigma attached to depression and have come up with concepts like social groups and apps, councellors that finally hears out people’s dilemma. To those who have the slightest idea of what it actually is, should know that when a person is suffering from mental health, all he desires is to be heard without being questioned and judged. You never know how many of your relatives or friends around you might be suffering from the same and what all they are battling with, so the minimum you can do is to talk to them, make yourself available to them so that they can rely on you and reach out to you as and when wanted, be interested in hearing them out, give suggestions, try to open up with them and most importantly, make them feel special.

Sexual harassment and physical torture is yet another practice that is still prevailing in many parts of the country. The women who once didn’t speak of the traumatic experiences they went through, finally reached out to social media. The #metoo movement proved to be an ice-breaker which unmasked the hidden monstrous intentions. The social media platforms have now been looked up for creating awareness and breaking stereotypical ideologies. Besides the battle of injustice and harassment of women, there’s a need for every individual to understand that any kind of physical or mental abuse shouldn’t be tolerated, no man or woman deserves to be harassed, slapped or ill-treated.

“PERIODS” which was once the most whispered word, has now reached the ears of many. It is the endless efforts of the youth which has realised the masses that women needs to be heard especially when she’s on her periods. Also, it is nothing but a biological process that every woman goes through once in every month and that mood swings are a real thing. Even men have started to take keen interest in understanding what all goes through in the body of a female when menstruating. Not just that, men these days even find comfort in buying sanitary pads and washing off stained clothes.
A woman of this age has started to believe that even periods cannot constraint her from doing things like visiting temple, entering kitchen, travelling and even continue with her professional life. Menstruating is not a sin or a deformity but is a need for a female body and there’s a lot a woman goes through.

We need to create such an environment around females so that she doesn’t have to think twice before buying sanitary pads from a male shopkeeper nor there’s a need for covering it with a newspaper while carrying it. Slowly but steadily things are changing. Apps have come up with period reminders, companies have come up brought with the idea of cramp relief roll on, pads that are more gentle for skin, tampons and menstruation cups for rash-free skin which itself symbolizes the soaring consciousness among every being.

Also, certain realisations have helped us to burst the bubble of myths and superstitions like sex before marraige is not bad but doing sex without condom is. Marraige cannot always assure happiness but live-in relationship with the right person can. Bra showing isn’t a henious crime but determining a person’s character,calling her a slut is and bodyshaming surely is.

You see, we have together come a long way which one must appreciate. But, we shouldn’t stop here. There are yet many stereotypical views and opinions that people still live by which needs to be teared down for a healthy tomorrow.

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