Tuesdays with Morrie By Mitch Albom


A great storyline written by Mitch Albom who talks about his sociology teacher Morrie with whom he shared a different yet beautiful equation which was not just of an ordinary teacher-student relation but of bestfriends. He was a man who drank life to its lease.

He was a kind of a man to whom one would look upto, a follower of his own principles and a hardcore dancer who would shake a leg without caring much about his moves.

He had a different perspective towards leading a life.His simplified ways and tricks makes a reader realise how complicated life we humans live and how messed up we actually are.Most of the hurdles that we face are the result of our wrongdoings or our immature way of sorting out a situation.

Even being at death’s door, all he wanted himself to stay positive and keep himself out of the fear of death.With each passing day, he wished for having a peaceful death without creating much of a hullabaloo.

Some beautiful lines from the book :

verdict: This book is a masterpiece and once you start reading it, you would want to continue reading it for hours.
A teacher tends to bring out the best in you and all he expects from you is to be remembered.For a person like me who has utmost respect for teachers and have shared a very beautiful bond with them, this brings back those impalpable memories that I have shared with my teachers over the years.
After you are done with this, readers like you and me will surely get attached to Morrie and to quench your thirst, I would want you to search him on google and youtube to know more about him.

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