The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini 

​Reading thousands of positive reviews aroused desire in me to give it a read.

Before picking it up I doubted on myself whether I would enjoy reading this or will leave it halfway but thankfully I didn’t repent even for once.

Publisher: Riverhead Books

Cover and Title: The cover is truly beautiful and appealing and tends to recall your childhood days. Even the title is very catchy.

Genre: Historical fiction, Drama

Gist of the story:

The Kite Runner is an inspiring yet devastating journey which talks about a young Pastun boy named Amir who leads a lavish lifestyle but inspite of having everything, he feels detached and seeks for love and attention from his father. Hassan, a Hassara boy proves to be Amir’s faithful companion and his partner in crime.The latter part of book revolves around rescuing Hassan’s son from the sufferings that he was going through.

In the beginning, Kabul is picturised as a calm and beautiful place with its monarchy still in place but as the story proceeds, chaos starts to take place soon after the king gets overthrown by his brother and the whole of Kabul goes through a drastic transformation after the Talibans catch hold of the city and brutally thrashed the people,knocked down the buildings which holded the beauty and prestige of its city.

My Verdict: It’s a wonderful read and for me there isn’t a point where I can point out any kind of flaws.

My rating: 5/5

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