The Four Patriots-Chaar Deshbhakt By Sumit Agarwal

The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal is a treat for the readers.I was literally addicted to the book while reading. 

Cover and its Title:

The front cover of the book brings out the inner beauty and justifies the book completely.In the cover, we can see 4 gentlemen with dynamic personality. Color combination of the cover is really mesmerising.The title “The Four Patriots-Chaar Deshbhakt” goes well with the theme of the book.

Writing skill:

The language is understandable and is easily acceptable to almost any kind of readers.
The theme as well as the story of the book is patriotism along with a mixture of friendship.


All the characters mentioned in the book does justice to their roles till the very end.I would like to mention the names of the characters who have inspired and evoked us with patriotism through their thoughts and actions. They are- Aditya (a successful businessman), Salman (CEO of Coffee Moments), Raghav (a virtuous politician), Varun (an NRI software engineer)- these four are the protagonists of the story along with Dr Satish Sabbarwal (Founder and Kingpin of ‘Naya Bharat’ Dal).

Gist of the story:

So here goes the story- Aditya, Salman, Varun and Raghav who belonged to different backgrounds of the society and all of them struggled in their respective lives due to the system that is being run by our society. It talks about how they struggled to make things better by following their principles religiously. They crossed each other’s path which brought them together with time. The four strangers who were equally dedicated towards their country became great friends and became each other’s pillar of support . The question is will they be able to change the system of the country?Will they be able to fulfill the dreams that they had seen for their country?
Will they be able to come out of the trap?

My Verdict:

It is one of the best books I have ever read and I would want you to give it a read too. It is a must read for all. My ratings (overall)- 5/5

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