Different Shades Of Women By N.S Ravi 

Different Shades Of Women By N.S Ravi is beautifully penned down putting stress on how women makes sacrifices everyday without even our knowing of it.

Cover and Title

The title is relevant and expresses the different roles that she portrayes in her everyday life. The cover flaunts the inner beauty in her and her capability of handling every relation with perfection.


The characters have been described well and each one of them has their own struggles to deal with.There are 8 characters whose struggles and sacrifices have been presented in a manner of short stories.They are Aparna,Sharmila,Mangai(Doctor Sister Mercy),Anuradha,Archana, Savitri,Parvati,Fatima,Alamelu and Lakshmi.There are other supporting characters too who have a strong role to play in the story.

: Inspirational, Women power, Sacrifice,Positivity,Heroism

The Gist Of The Story:
It presents individual tales of 8 struggling women who face the difficulty to move ahead in life.Aparna, being a mother wishes for her daughter to achieve those goals which remained unachievable for her.Mangai had a dream of becoming a Doctor and marrying the man she loved had to end up becoming a sacred woman giving away all her desires.Nirmala’s utmost love made her sacrifice the most precious gift of her life just to bring a bunch of happiness in Bano’s life. The story of Anu and Archana’s sisterly love and affection made them take decisions for themselves to see their loved ones happy.Parvati proved to be a daughter who was equal to ten sons.The story of Alamelu and Laksmi points out the difference in their characters and nature but seems to be each other’s linking pin in order to keep the members happy and united.

My Verdict
The story is written quite well though there were some parts were parts where the story dragged a bit but overall it is a one time read for sure.
My overall ratings- 4/5

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