Black Suits You By Novoneel Chakraborty 

 “Black Suits You” written by Novoneel Chakraborty is an erotica thriller which will leave you awestruck in the end.

Book Cover:

The book cover with a tinge of green along with the rose magnifies its impact and adds beauty to it. Those ferocious eyes of the girl gives an impression of too many unsaid things and secrets hidden beneath them.

The Publishers name : Penguin Random House India.


The title “Black Suits You” goes perfectly with the storyline.

Writing Style:

Like all other novels of Novoneel, this too has a charm of its own. The diary of Anaysha and Kiyan’s present life and incidents goes simultaneously in the story which arouses the eagerness among the readers to know more about them. The story is beautifully scripted and jotten down by Novoneel.


It is an erotica suspense thriller in which a bestselling author, Kiyan gets allured towards a mysterious girl and start falling for her charms.It is then he realises he made a mistake and tries to get out of the trap.

Characterisation :

The characterisation has been done quite well.Each character has its own importance in the story.Kiyan Roy is a guy who seems to be double-faced, a possessive and dominating personality who fails to become an ideal and supportive boyfriend for Anaysha but appears to be a man every female reader would crave for. Anaysha proves to be a role model who stands for the right and fights for justice.Her love for Kiyan seems to be endless and is even ready to go against her parent’s will to be with him. Kashti, the mysterious girl seems to be just the opposite of Anaysha and tends to control Kiyan’s life according to her wishes.

Gist of the story:

The story talks about Kiyan, a bestselling author of Handcuffs-an erotic trilogy who falls for Kashti and breaks-off his five long years of relationship with Anaysha and then his life suddenly takes a U-turn.He then realises his mistake of breaking up with Anaysha.Kashti with her dominance makes Kiyan feel caged and trapped.Who exactly Kashti is and what her intentions are?

My Verdict:

This novel is a mixture of love, romance, suspense and revenge. It is presented with a mind boggling twist and turns.There isn’t a single moment where a reader could feel bored or tired.I would suggest my reader friends to give it a read and I’m sure you won’t be able to forget this thrilling experience ever.

My rating(overall)- 5/5

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