Forever Is A Lie By Novoneel Chakraborty 

“Forever Is A Lie” by Novoneel Chakraborty is quite captivating and the twists and turns at certain intervals makes it hard for the readers to put down the book.

The publishers name: Penguin Random House India.

Cover and its title:

The book cover has its own charm and essence which brings out the curiosity among the readers to turn the page to see what lies beyond it.The title is quite apt and appropriate.

Writing style:

The language is quite simple and understandable.The story is presented in a such a way that makes the reader anxious to know the further developments that takes place in the story.


The theme is dark romantic thriller where love is given yet another chance.


The character in the story has been portrayed and analysed perfectly.Prisha Srivastav, a girl of eighteen years of age reminds us of our teenage phase and initial struggles that one faces while coming out of the traumatic experience after breakup.On the other hand, the Mean Monster seems to be devoid of all emotions but with the entry of Prisha in his life, we get to explore the other side of him.Prisha’s two close friends Gauri and Diggy appears to be her support systems and helping hands throughout her journey.

Gist of the story:

The story revolves around Prisha Srivastav(the protagonist of the story)who is a student of mass communication in Bengaluru whose life completely takes a U-turn after she gets to meet a mysterious man who hids his real identity and names himself the Mean Monster.With her entry, his life becomes sorted to some extent but both of them are unaware of the fact that there is a third person who is involved in turning things ugly between them.

My verdict:

The book doesn’t allow to sit without finishing it till the end.Each line creates a deep impact on the reader.The more the reader progresses with the story, the more he becomes addicted to it.I would like to recommend this book and would want all my fellow readers to give it a read.
My rating(overall)-5/5

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