Undelivered Letters by J.Alchem

“Undelivered Letters” by J.Alchem is a short but heart touching story that will leave its impression on one’s heart.

Cover and its title:

The front cover and its title goes perfectly well with the book.The cover and its title will hit the reader’s mind for once and will intensify their eagerness to read the book.
In this era of 21st century,social networking sites have started and ruling and have put an end to the concept of writing letters.This book has given a fresh lease of life to the concept of letters and thus forfora reader like me this book holds a special place in my heart and made me feel nostalgic whils reading.

Writing style:

The language and the words used is quite simple and easy a reader to understand.With every word that a reader reads it leaves behind a deep meaning for them to grasp and understand the emotions that lay behind it.


The theme is basically about the letters containing the sentiments that has been jot down with outmost love.


The characters have been portrayed well and a reader gets to learn something from each character and feels a certain string of emotions attached with them.

Gist of the story:
The story talks about Aron Parsis(the protagonist of the story) who was once a postman working in Morioson Postal Service and has now happily married with his wife Sara Marcos.It is after 20 long years that Sara Marcos gets to discover 9 undelivered letters from the bag while they were in the process of shifting their belongings to a new residential address.Desperation led Aron to visit those to whom these letters belonged to and the book then covers the reaction of those people who get to learn about the letter after 20 long years.

My Verdict:
The theme, characters and the narration helps the reader to visualise the circumstances before him and one can feel the emotions and sentiments that are attached to it.The characters and their struggling journey gives reader the strength and willpower to keep moving in life.This book is close to my heart and has changed my perspective of looking at things and thus  this book is higly recommended.

My rating(overall)-5/5

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