You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey

“You Are The Best Wife” is the debut book of Ajay K Pandey. I was engrossed within it fully while reading and I won’t be able to describe how emotional roller coaster ride it was for me to go through this lovely book.


The front cover of the book is really touching & it goes with the substance of the book aptly. This book is published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors. 


The title of the book is romantic and lovely. It gives us the idea about the content of the book. So I consider it appropriate. 

Writing Style:

The language of the book is lucid and simple, coated with enough essence of humor at places. The narration of the book is so touching and mature that it can touch the heart of the readers easily. It was like visualizing the events in front of eyes, yes, the narrating style made it that much real. 


The theme of the book is- true love, romance, sacrifice, friendship, struggle and most importantly..inspirational & motivational.


The characterization of the book is a strong part. It is good and well maintained till the end and all the characters have done justice to their roles aptly. The main characters (protagonist) of the book are- Ajay & Bhavna. There are various other characters present in the book which we will get to know with time. 

Gist of the story:

Here goes the story- This is a real life journey and the story revolves around the lives of Ajay & Bhavna. Ajay got his admission into IERT, Allahabad to pursue his engineering. After the initial days got over, he was getting used to with the life of an engineering student and the atmosphere of the college. One day, fate made him crossed paths with Bhavna, who was a student of the same college and the same batch of Ajay. Ajay was mesmerized with her nature & beauty, and fallen head over hills for her. But she was unaware about his feelings at first. As the time goes, they became closer and Ajay left no stones unturned to win Bhavna’s heart. After a time, he confessed his feeling to her..and it was not that easy to convince her, but yes…Ajay finally succeeded. The most sweet romantic couple they were. Ajay continued to pursue his MBA and Bhavna joined a reputed company to carry her professional life. Meanwhile, both of them revealed about their relationship at home and situations were tough from the side of Ajay. There were reasons too. But, they had their back of each other at every moment to stand against any odds. They finally proved their true love after a point their parents were readily agreed to get them married and they got married to each other. They shared some precious moments and sweet time of their married life. Everything was on right track, the beautiful innocent couple were lost in each other’s love until when life played its turn. Fate made Ajay face a situation that he never thought of even in his wildest of imagination…. 

What happened after that? What did they face and what was the situation that made their lives upside down? What was awaiting Ajay and Bhavna and what kind of game destiny played with them? Will Ajay be able to face the unexpected turn of life? Bhavna turned Ajay a changed person towards I won’t reveal anything much here. To get your answers and to know the rest of their journey, just grab the book and go through it. 

My Verdict:

The author Ajay K Pandey touchingly penned down the beautiful story of love, the saga of sacrifice and the heart wrenching tale of true love.. This is the most touching journey of love I have ever read. All kind of emotions are presented here in the book. I was feeling like crying after reaching a point and I could not control myself. The humor, the life of engineering students, the struggle for placements, the sweet romance, the innocent love of college days, the mischief, everything made me nostalgic. It was the most heart touching story ever. The true love of Ajay & Bhavna, the sacrifice, the pain, the emotions, inspirations to overcome the tough phase, the family bonding, the most important role that Bhavna played into Ajay’s life are beyond over description in words.. Bhavna is the most important and most inspiration that can make changes to the life of anybody by her positive thoughts and motivational vision. This journey teaches us that true love is capable to conquer anything, friendship is the best genuine bond that is the base of love, no matter how tough the situation is, one should never surrender and follow the positive approach, problems are opportunities if we know how to get stronger by them. The true love of Ajay & Bhavna left me speechless. This book has a lot in store for everyone. A motivational read it is. I would love to recommend this book to everyone and for sure they will love it from the core. Thank you.

My Rating (Overall)- 5/5.

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