Her Last Wish By Ajay K Pandey

“Her Last Wish” is the 2nd book of Ajay K Pandey (after penning down the bestselling novel ‘You Are The Best Wife’). This was the most inspirational book that I have read so far. 


The front cover design of the book is very sweet and treat for eyes I can say. It is touching and while having the image of a romantic couple in the front, we can imagine about the theme of the book. The color shades made the design a beautiful look. Kudos to the effort of Lalita Sharma. The book cover is appropriate. 

Publishers name: This book is published in the banner of Srishti Publishers and Distributors. 


The title is touching and unique I can say. It depicts the substance of the story aptly, hence I can say that the title is justified with the book.

Writing Style:

The language of the book is simple and easy to comprehend, thus made it easier to connect with the readers. The narrating style of the book is maturely maintained the simplicity till the end. The sarcastic humor with the hidden messages at places is something that made this book unique from others. 


The theme of the book is- relationship, love and inspirational, family bonding and sacrifice.


The characterization of the book is realistically portrayed and all the characters (be it major or minor) are justified to their respective roles till the end of the story. The two main characters of the book are- Vijay & Astha and there are a handful of characters are presented in the book according to the need of the story.

Gist of the story:

The story goes like this- Vijay (an assistant professor in designation; ad hoc faculty to be specific) was a family person happily married with Astha (worked with Axis Bank).  Both of them did manage to maintain their professional lives along with their personal life as well. Astha and Vijay were two different kinds of personalities by nature. Vijay was an introvert type of person who was pessimistic about life and had no confidence within himself. Astha was full of life, enthusiasm and positivity. She had dreams in her wish, she was ambitious and a talented person in any aspect. One thing they had in common was the pure love in their hearts for each other. Everything was going well till a certain point where Vijay got to know the most horrified news of his life that his wife Astha was diagnosed positive for HIV test. This had broken his inner self completely and probably this was the turning point of his characteristics towards better as well. He knew that it’s entirely his responsibility to take care of her to the most important part is to keep it hidden from her. He did enquiry about HIV and AIDS completely and that cleared the entire image in front of him. He knew that he had not that much time, and he wanted to give Astha the best treatment possible but that was not just wanting as the financial condition had to match the desire as well which was lacking a sort of. Vijay researched a lot about the possible way get cured (if there is any) of this and to get her treatment well, he left no stone unturned. In this process, he got to know about some wishes of Astha, the she written sometimes ago and Vijay was not aware of that at first. But after he found it, he saw that Astha had 7 wishes in her heart that she wanted to fulfill. It was apparently next to impossible for him to fulfill Astha’s wishes no sooner did he get to know what those 7 wishes actually depicted. Still he decided to try to fulfill her wishes within the limited time..

What were those 7 wishes? Why they appeared to be next to impossible for Vijay? What was going to happen in future days of Astha? How will Vijay manage the upcoming situation? Will Vijay ever be able to fulfill those 7 wishes of Astha?  How a person like Vijay will fight against the odds to prove his love for his wife? To know the last wish of Astha and the rest of their journey and to know the answers, you must grab a copy of the book and have to go through it by yourself.

My Verdict:

Author Ajay K Pandey has beautifully presented a touching love story with sheer struggle to give the happiness to a wife from her husband. The story containts the positivity approach of life that keeps us going to surpass all the limits to make our loved ones happy and content. The way the character of Vijay portrayed here is perfectly a person to admire. The changes that Astha brought in him through the tough circumstances, centered out the best inside him and that inspire us. The pure love, the family bonding, the sacrifice, the soul connection, the trust, every shades of each relationship is presented there in the book. This struggle of Vijay teaches us to never surrender. The role that Vijay’s parents played in the story was probably the most vital one. This was a touching inspiring story that depicts not only love but something beyond true love and sacrifice and family relationships which is most necessary in today’s era. I will urge everyone to read this book once to realize what true love is.. This is a sur shot read for all. Thank you.

My Rating (Overall)- 5/5.

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