Unexpected Friendships Are The Best👭


Happy Women’s Day💕

Everyday is in itself a battle for her,

Her silence is termed as her weakness,

She has been mocked down by the society but still stands up for her rights,

Menstruation kills her inside out once in every month,

Those flirtatious men eyeing on her haunts her now and again,

Marriage ring seems heavier on her fingers with the adjusment word being tagged to her.

Being a woman isn’t about living a life just for yourself, being a woman is a duty that she plays as a daughter, as wife, as sister, as mother and changes herself in every way possible for being accepted.

Thank her for the life she has given you, she is the reason behind your existence.

Make her feel loved, make her feel wanted and she would be seen doing much more than you would have ever expected out of her.

Happy Women’s Day to all those women who have set examples for other men to follow, who have proved to be a warrior and home keeper.❤