Mangala Art

And, if you are wondering what I have used for outlining and filling the colours in them, you will be surprised to know that a black gel pen was all I needed to beautify my art. For best results, one can also use  black waterproof markers having pointed nib.


I dedicate this piece of art to my mother who’s been my bestfriend since I was born and another most beautiful thing about our relationship is that we share our birthdays on the same date which makes it more special.  

Do drop your review regarding this portrayal of a mother-child relationship.

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Sketch #1

Besides, being a quote writer and a lover of books, I also have immense love for sketching which I started doing quite lately.

Also, I have so much love and respect for Art which gave me an earnest desire to make my blog depict the same so that people of all interest can enjoy it.

Here goes the first sketch that I did after ages. Not a perfect one though, but atleast satisfying enough for a beginner like me.